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Understanding narcissism is complex

It’s time to get your life back. We provide mental health support, resources and education for anybody that is dealing with narcissistic personality disorder

Co-parenting and divorcing a narcissist

Those struggling with narcissistic abuse syndrome often have a hard time identifying with reality. Since their minds will be so distorted and confused from the constant abuse and emotional manipulation, they may begin to question what they know to be real.

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Narcissistic abuse in family court and your home

Narcissistic abuse symptoms all started at home. Emotional trauma was in your narcissist’s childhood and they most likely will not grow out of it.

It’s who they have always been. Healing a person from an abusive narcissist means that you first understand that you aren’t the crazy one.

You are beyond feeling lost.

Nothing makes sense. You are most likely a victim of narcissistic abuse syndrome

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Corruption in divorce court

A look into everything that happens behind closed doors. A win against corruption

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“By sharing information with Derrick I found something that i never thought of. A light bulb came on and that set a chain of events that will I believe, will finally change what I was trying to do for the past 7years (which has been the time I haven’t seen my children)”

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“Realistic and uncompromisingly child-focused. An amazing resource for anyone who is fighting to be in their child’s life.”

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Nick Osborn-Jonas, Founder of Shared Parenting BC

The only thing harder than being married to a narcissist is divorcing one.

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