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The world is insane right now, and the biggest problem in this coronavirus pandemic is that nobody remembers their mental health until it is too late. Nobody sees it, but some of us have two viruses to worry about. The narcissism coronavirus pandemic is what I call it. You are dealing with somebody that knows Read More

narcissistic husband

Narcissist meaning People will always go straight to Google when they want to learn about…. anything in the world. Type into google “narcissist” and what’s the first thing that comes up from Oxford dictionaries? I bet somebody would read such a simple definition and move on with their life. I even did at one point Read More

narcissistic abuse cycle

A relationship with a Narcissist will begin as the honeymoon phase where you will believe you have found your soulmate.  Unfortunately, the good sex and love-bombing will slowly deplete as the realization comes that you are stuck in a narcissistic abuse cycle. Read More

how to deal with a narcissist

dealing with a Narcissist is not healthy for your mental health, and it can easily put you in the loonie bin. Learn how to protect your family now! Read More

reversing parental alienation

Learning the ways to reversing parental alienation means you have to know what parental alienation syndrome actually is Parental alienation syndrome, also known as malicious mother syndrome, is a sadistic move by a Narcissist to exclude the other parent from their children’s lives.  It is a cold, delusional, and spiteful revenge plot that is planned Read More

covert narcissist mother traits

It is impossible to explain to people the amount of damage that a covert narcissist Mother will do to you and your family. Unless they have been through it. You will pull your hair out trying to convince everyone that behind closed doors that she isn’t the “super mom” personality that they see. For the Read More

how to get revenge on a narcissist

the manipulations and narcissistic abuse can be frustrating. However, you should think twice about joining in on the abusive mind games your children have to see through their childhood. Learn how to outplay a Narcissist from all the manipulations to child abuse so you can get revenge on their sadistic games. Read More

narcissistic mother

Children only know a parent to be doing things the right way.  Often at young ages, it is very easy for a child to follow in her footsteps as narcissistic children. Read More