Category: Personality Disorder Definitions

covert narcissist traits

What is covert narcissism? People have been throwing the words “narcissistic personality” around so much that a person with covert narcissist traits can blend into a crowd even easier. Unlike the usual symptoms of NPD such as: grandiose arrogance lack of empathy need for admiration entitlement a covert narcissist does not show the usual behavior Read More

abuse syndrome

narcissistic abuse syndrome will create depression from emotional abuse and it is very hard to get you back to yourself. Subtle child abuse from parental alienation will cut deep without physical scars to make for a lonely experience Read More

sociopath traits

It’s much more complex to become a “full blown” narcissistic Sociopath, a few traits you notice in a friend or family member won’t be enough for them to claim this title. Read More

narcissist triangulation

People always ask me what being discarded by narcissist with narcissistic triangulation means…there are many forms that can exist so let me show you with real photos, emails, and court files as I found myself stuck in the sadistic triangle of parental alienation Read More