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Divorcing a narcissistic spouse

Nobody is prepared for the emotional abuse and manipulation carved perfectly by your narcissistic ex spouse and their unethical lawyer.

Family law and divorcing a narcissistic spouse

Anybody that tells you how to divorce a narcissist and win is most likely looking for a favor. Why?

Going through the hell of divorcing a narcissist can be expensive, frustrating, chaotic, and severely damaging to your mental health.

Needless to say, gaining the proper knowledge of how to divorce a Narcissist is critical to your success in the devil’s playground, also known as “Family Court” where a divorce attorney will join in on the bullying.

A narcissistic personality will bring a team of attorneys and judges with the same disorder as your spouse, and a fair case for you is not in their interest.

While your success is important you must also not lose your focus on the children, if any, that watch from a distance and are forced to ignore the family violence in front of them.

Your children seem to be completely fine as they dive more into their toys and coloring books.

Cautiously avoiding you to keep from stepping on your toes in the midst of tension.

I have seen the parental alienation in court and I can tell you first-hand it is not a pleasant experience.

Learning how to divorce a Narcissist in court and win at the same time is a dirty game.

Even the strong-minded don’t stand a chance if they are not fully prepared for the divorce with narcissist.

divorce narcissist
Destroying you mentally is the only thing a Narcissist wants to do. Keeping your cool is crucial when divorcing a narcissist

A divorce lawyer that is educated in personality disorders is just one of many things needed to avoid losing your house, job, and custody of your children.

Losing everything in life you have worked so hard for.

At one point in time, you had amazing experiences with your narcissistic spouse

Of course, it’s normal to think of all the days that were full of love, dancing, and laughing so hard that you were in tears.

Amazing trips with the children that tightened your whole family bond will come back to you with a glimpse of hope.

With that being said, people will try to provide support to you by telling you to stay positive and focus on the good times you had with each other so that you won’t be so negative

I couldn’t disagree more.


Because you are divorcing a Narcissist.

Those beautiful memories don’t exist.

You don’t matter and you never did.

The affectionate person you saw was not real

You may be getting a divorce, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have valuable memories and a life story together. For the narcissist, it is all gone; like it never happened.

MyDomaine | Divorcing a Narcissist

The quicker you get this in your head the better off you will be.

the mask comes off quickly in court and you will see the resentful, adult-child manipulator at their best

Divorce attorney not needed

There are many books that promise to help you fix a bad relationship. This groundbreaking bestseller is the first one to help you choose whether you should even try—or if you need to go.

divorcing a narcissist and win book

proving your ex is a narcissist in court

Learning how to crush a Narcissist can be hard, but you should be well aware of the corruption in divorce cases that you can’t control.

Judge manipulation and corruption in court

It goes without saying that everybody knows someone that got screwed around in court.

We tend to shrug them off when they tell us the judge got paid off

However, even though this happens a lot more than it should, it is just one nightmare you will have to deal with when divorcing a Narcissist.

Each of the stages of divorce will become almost unbearable because of the sadistic choice of your spouse to ruin your marriage.

The money will flow out of your pocket and into their lawyer’s wallet without a sweat.

Family law will make sure that child support will be either too much….

or not enough.

Your narcissist does not care about going broke.

They will be completely satisfied watching you day after day become: financially and mentally broken.

Greedy lawyers will push for a “win” in court and that means dismantling you of everything you have

The moves of a Narcissist in divorce court are absolutely destructive because even your own family members and support could turn against you.

divorce custody

Whether you know about it or not .

Your narcissist has planted seeds of chaos long before your divorce, and have been watering them during this process.

Luckily, there is help !

At last, with the internet full of resources these days it would seem to be easy to get the proper information you need to destroy a narcissistic ex.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. You will waste money, time, and your mental health will slowly diminish as you are tricked into online scams.

I went down the same confusion of multiple suggestions of what to do and what not to do, but none of them actually went through the painful process.

That is until I met Ann Bradly.

Before you file for your divorce  – or even if you already have – STOP right now.

Divorce your narcissist and win

After spending four years battling a corrupt lawyer hell-bent on winning in a trial and an uncooperative husband who cared about no one but himself…I’ve created a resource for ANYONE about to go through a divorce. Or in the middle of one. (It’s never too late. NEVER!)

divorce a narcissist

Ann Bradly shows the secrets to divorcing a narcissist and the corruption in divorce court that nobody will tell you.

She has the experience of dealing with her narcissistic husband and an unethical lawyer that hid assets and made her life a living hell.

Divorce attorneys use unethical and just plain wrong tactics to try to “win” the divorce.

They throw out accusations and lies to defraud the court so they can get a win.

Ann Bradly releases it all so you can have an easy win in court.

Read the stunning facts the court told her not to release.

Get ready to stun your narcissist and their delusional attorneys.

divorce a narcissist

“But I interviewed lawyers, friends of the judge and got inside the legal system to give you the advantage I didn’t have. And by the way – I won my case. At trial and on appeal.”

Ann Bradly | Exposing Corruption in Divorce Court

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Father, entrepreneur and dedicated to helping people expose their narcissists so they can become free again. Mental health is easy to lose focus on when you are being gaslighted and manipulated but help is always around the corner!

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Father, entrepreneur and dedicated to helping people expose their narcissists so they can become free again. Mental health is easy to lose focus on when you are being gaslighted and manipulated but help is always around the corner!

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