how to get revenge on a narcissist
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best way getting revenge on a narcissist

The journey of learning how to get revenge on a narcissist is a road that nobody should walk on.

But what if you don’t care about the consequences? Let’s find out what hurts a Narcissist the most.

Narcissists are the masters of manipulation and they always know the best way to suck any good vibe you might be having right out of your body.

A Narcissist knows every one of your buttons to push and understanding how to outplay a narcissist means mirroring their dirty actions.

They know what triggers you.

Taking power away from a narcissist is a skill that you need to be taught.

With that being said, every successful reaction from you feeds the Narcissistic supply dose that keeps them feeling so confident

People will give you the advice to walk away, but certain situations make that extremely hard.

For example:

  • You have children together
  • A school teacher/daycare provider
  • Living with your narcissistic parents
  • Financially dependent
  • Working with your boss or co-worker

Emotional roller coasters of the narcissistic abuse cycle on your family is something that seems to be a never-ending nightmare.

I have to be never ends with narcissism and control issues.

I have been dealing with a covert narcissist Mother for years and it has not been any easier.

However, it’s not as hard when you figure out that narcissists exploit others to make up for their own self-hate.

Seeking revenge on a Narcissist is complex, but it is important to study the best revenge on a narcissist resources that are handed to you.

Narcissists bait you into their sick and twisted reality, but there is a way to counter these emotional manipulation techniques.

How to get revenge on a Narcissist

A manual full of practical tips to hurt a narcissist and get inside the mechanics of the narc psyche to cause maximum angst to the predator.

how to make a narcissist miserable

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Vengeful narcissistic injury and revenge

I can totally understand you are at the point of getting even with your newest nightmare sent from hell.

Obviously, you have a ton of empathy which is one of the traits that narcissists use to clings on to with their twisted mind and sharp claws.

Every day somebody asks me what the best revenge on a narcissist tactic is and how to outplay a Narcissist at their own game.

best revenge on a narcissist

revenge on a narcissist book

Unfortunately, life doesn’t prepare you with a book on the abusive manipulations that you become faced with.

Narcissists have made us look and feel as if there is something wrong with us for feeling hurt and angry.

We are treated like dirt and they make themselves out to be the victims when it is their bad behaviour that is the cause of family violence.

It’s that they move on so quickly, completely unscathed by a relationship that left us in emotional tatters.

Kristen Milstead | Narcissist Revenge

win back your ex

I could list a million more traits from a narcissistic personality and the horrible people it has brought to me.

Your route of how to make a narcissist miserable can destroy the empathy that children need to learn.

It may be obvious, but if you don’t have kids and are not obligated to parent with a narcissist than we all envy you.

Why? because going “no contact” doesn’t work when there are children involved.

ignoring a narcissist is the best revenge
ignoring a narcissist is the best revenge when children aren’t involved

Every day narcissistic supply is needed for narcissists to function, and your empathy is going to be put to the test when attempting to ruin your narcissist.

Unfortunately, if you were lucky enough to beat emotional abuse in your relationship your narcissist will get you through the children no matter the cost.

Plain and simple.

They will fight until death to make sure your children’s childhood is also raised by narcissists, with no empathy provided.

This is why it is important to treat every second you have your children away from the narcissistic manipulation tactics.

This is the only thing they need for their mental health to be strong enough to understand what true love is and how to outplay a narcissist on their own.

Games narcissists play during divorce

Before you get the “privilege” of being able to be in your kid’s life, you are going to have to play dirty.

Be professional but play dirty?

Understanding how to fight the gaslighting of a narcissist and narcissist tactics to get you back are the most important things to educate yourself on.

Yup, you are playing to win.

Your main goal is to destroy a Narcissist and stop their narcissistic abuse.

Just make sure to keep your empathy as it is your best weapon.

divorce a narcissist

Exposure of family court judges and unethical lawyers from my own trial. A tell-all book from my own trial against my narcissistic ex-spouse

Carefully study the narcissistic personality disorder and the patterns they do so that you will use them appropriately

I experienced a demon that wanted to end me, and I had trouble keeping my emotions in the right place as false allegations were thrown at me left and right.

However, this only made me understand Narcissist’s delusional mindset and begin my journey to reveal a family member’s true face.

I learned quickly that when no supply or attention is given, a narcissist is not so subtle on their abuse.

I would be careful before trusting google and getting even with a Narcissist because any wrong move can cause child abuse.

With that being said, learning how to deal with a narcissist and the narcissist manipulation after a breakup is not easy

You unknowingly will be joining in on the toxic control while seeking answers on how to deal with a narcissist.

This is right where your covert Narcissist wants you.

However, you must remember this is the best time to learn how to really hurt a Narcissist.

how to make a narcissist fear you
how to make your narcissist fear you as their worst nightmare

How to deal with narcissistic abuse parents

Perhaps you are the child in this situation, and you are wondering the best way to get subtle revenge on your parents?

Your narcissistic parent will probably try and make you feel guilty to get an angry response; the very first stage in their abusive cycle.

When they get that response, they will play the guilt card as the family member that needs to gain sympathy from others.

the best way to crush a narcissist is to just not pay any mind. Without that control, they will become angry.

No contact is the best revenge in itself.

It is your best bet, at least until you are old enough to save money to get away from the madness.

I learned long ago to never wrestle with a pig, you will get dirty.

Besides, the pig likes it.

The best way to win the game is to not play

The mind of a Covert Narcissist

Furthermore, you will learn how stunning it is to inflict narcissistic injury

My child’s narcissistic Mother has been using her delusional manipulation game on us for years

Learning more about narcissistic triangulation I now understand the patterns she lives by and the safest way to protect us from her abuse

Research on how to outplay a narcissist is crucial to your family’s protection from emotional abuse.

Parental alienation comes at you quickly and learning how to deal with it is important for your child’s health.

As well as your journey of healing from narcissistic abuse

Of course, I know all about seeking and taking revenge on a Narcissist.

I have 5 ways to make them cringe inside just as they have done to you and your children.

female narcissist gaslighting
female narcissist gaslighting is all too common with manipulation

5 of the best revenge on a narcissist tactics

1. Stay Positive

  • This will make them eat their negativity like a cold dinner they were expecting to be hot. The child will see this and learn from your actions.
  • Two birds with one stone: you are protecting your child’s mental health and your own at the same time

2. Offer Help

  • This is tough especially if you are already paying child support. This will show that you aren’t bothered by their greedy self-loving actions
  • The children, of course, will begin to see the parent they should be later on in life. Narcissist parenting involves a lot of swallowing your pride for your children

3. Show Empathy

  • Your children will turn out just like the other parent if you don’t show empathy
  • Your children need at least one stable parent so be that excellent parent and shield your children from negativity

4. Continue to better yourself

  • You need to heal. Gain more knowledge about narcissistic personality disorder.
  • Knowledge is power. Take advantage of understanding what you are up against, and how you can minimize the abuse
  • Avoiding all hoovering, manipulation, idolizing. and most importantly not igniting the vicious narcissistic rage in court is part of the healing process

5. Stay busy

  • Hit the gym, find a new hobby
  • Stay focused on the task, but also understand that a break from the madness is crucial to your success

get your ex back

Take the hideous experience narcissistic abuse as your advantage moving forward.

If you are still asking the best ways to get even on a Narcissist I can tell you this: It will only eat away at your soul and they don’t care.

However, you will lose yourself if you are wanting to play dirty with your demonic ex-spouse

With that being said, you are only joining in on the abuse.

Knowledge is the best thing you can have, and protecting yourself and your family is what matters.

I know how to handle my narcissist now, and you should do the same so you can get your life back without further hurting yourself.

You now have the best revenge on a narcissist resources that made me successful, so you can now learn how to outplay a narcissist and finally live in peace with your family.

What are you waiting for? Go get your life back by winning the narcissist’s game!

Be sure to check out more resources in our narcissistic abuse blog

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