Narcissistic parents traits | Codependency symptoms

Covert narcissistic mother and subtle possessive abuse

First, if you are engaged with the all-mighty entitlement of an adult child AKA narcissistic parenting, you are in for an emotional roller coaster with codependency.

Narcissistic parents traits are complex, and finding the right support can be exhausting.

The first step in getting things back on track is to understand the meaning of a codependent relationship. Experts say it’s a pattern of behavior in which you find yourself dependent on approval from someone else for your self-worth and identity.

WebMD | Codependency

narcissistic parents traits mother

Self-involvement is all over a shared parenting custody agreement so be ready for extra power trips and temper tantrums.

With that being said, the faster you realize you are the only one that loves your own children, the better off your whole family is.

Malicious ex-spouse manipulations will go to every degree of fake love, and even though you unmasked the demon for your own peace of mind, you better believe your children are already entangled in an abusive cycle.

Although, if they aren’t already… they are really close as to be the new source of narcissistic supply.

Abusive traits end up with the children

In my personal experience with a narcissistic mother, our daughter became a punching bag and a “chore” shortly after I decided to outplay the narcissist right back at her

I was not feeding the usual supply that was being pulled out of me all those years.

Narcissistic rage in court caused the mask of fake love to come off, but our daughter still wouldn’t and couldn’t accept the fact her loving Mother is just not so loving anymore.

Be prepared for this with narcissist parenting as it happens very quickly.

child abuse with narcissistic parenting

Subtle abuse on children of narcissistic parents traits

Secondly, if you are in a court-ordered split “guardianship” (custody) agreement, don’t think for a second those orders will always be followed or even enforced.

Delusional mindsets in the world of a codependent narcissist is not easy for anybody in the line of fire.

Walking on eggshells is a given and also involves you doing your homework on naturally letting your ex-spouse know your boundaries, without actually letting them know.

If you don’t do this properly it could leave you with an abuse syndrome, and recovering from this is extremely hard to do.

It is common to see a narcissist mother do the following things:

  • Paint a bad image of you at the children’s school and/or daycare
  • Stop you from receiving injury reports about the child, and information about people who are authorized to pick up the child.

These two things often go unnoticed until you actually try to receive these reports.

A shared agreement in court will do nothing for you, as daycare and schools are protected when the narcissistic parent claims it is a “safety” issue for themselves and the child.

Furthermore, narcissistic parents traits will show with a smirk while manipulating the children by:

  • Not involve you in children’s activities (swimming lessons, dance class etc)
  • Brainwash the child to dislike any activities you do with them
  • Create a narcissistic triangulation against you.
  • Have the child call a new partner “mommy” or “daddy” as a way to alienate you refuse to drop children off as per a court order.  A common “victim” and “fearful” tactic will always be used.

This may also ring a bell for quite a lot of people:

narcissistic parents traits

“The children were frightened to go to their Fathers house, I made a decision on the fact that they were scared and I have to protect the children.”

— Common Parental Alienation

False allegations will quickly open a ministry file that must be investigated. 

Chances are likely you will have lost time with your children until the file is closed which can take many months. 

They love to take their time because every second will count when parental alienation has been initiated.

With that being said, a common tactic with narcissist parenting is to keep you away from your children. 

Ultimately, this will drive you mentally to crazy town; a destination your ex-spouse, her lawyer, and social workers from MCFD wait patiently on your arrival. 

You will be called crazy and unfit to parent even to the point of believing it yourself.  

Survive in court against a narcissistic parent

Going through divorce court? Is it too much to handle? Get started and avoid losing everything with this resource that will finally get your life back once and for all

destroy a narcissist in court

How to deal with narcissistic parents

It is virtually impossible to truly co-parent with someone who has no understanding of teamwork. Instead, you need to focus on co-parenting in spite of a narcissist, with an emphasis on insulating yourself and your children from the narcissist’s manipulation and rage.

Amy Guertin Licensed Counselor

Indeed, the best way to co-parent with a Narcissist is with the Gray Rock Method

From my experience, it has minimized a lot of abuse on our daughter that I unknowingly fed into.

Your number one priority should be your children. 

Now that your ex-spouse’s true self has been revealed to you, it’s time to protect your children from the abuse as well. 

If you are not careful, your child will continue the cycle of being raised by narcissists; you will be part of the growing problem instead of the solution

Narcissist parenting and their child abuse can be extremely subtle and even turned onto the protector, rather than the abuser. 

These are common sociopath traits.

I have been to court with too many applications only to have it turned around and suddenly I am on the defence. 

Don’t waste your time on a system that will ignore child abuse and mental disorders for the greed of money and control.

Learn how to expose a narcissist in court and avoid big mistakes that most people make in these malicious cases.

Narcissistic parents traits | Codependency symptoms

How to overcome codependency symptoms

I ignored a lot of the bad talk I heard about me from my ex-spouse, but my daughter was fed a lot of lies and heard nothing from me. 

I figured this was the best thing to do. However, she started to not believe certain things I told her.

My daughter told me her mother doesn’t smoke because “good people don’t smoke” and as petty as it might sound, I insisted that her Mother smokes and she didn’t still believe a word I said. 

This is frustrating, as I realized my daughter is following her Mother’s footsteps.  Not on my watch.

When I dropped her off I was sure to drive by the pillar her Mother quickly smokes by before picking up our daughter. 

The look on my daughter’s face was priceless, and she believes every word I say now.  It is important to understand the manipulation of Sociopath traits because you could very well be doing the wrong things in the world of narcissist parenting.

With that being said, here are ways to protect your children from the sadistic delusions and the unforgiving abuse:

  • You cannot ignore the abusive parent’s actions and words against you. 
  • Don’t bash the other parent, but you have to find a way to make them see the manipulations and fake love.
  • Show empathy to everybody. 
  • Hold doors open for people, throw that homeless person some change. 
  • You will be amazed at how much your children follow the good feeling of empathy.
  • Listen to your children.  Everything.  Children talk in short sentences and sometimes they just want somebody to listen to them.


At last, nobody wants to co-parent with a Narcissist. 

However, in order for us to create a better world and have our children grow up and be the best parents they can be, we have to sacrifice every ounce of energy for them. 

In my opinion, narcissistic parenting is not the greatest journey. However, regardless of a codependent narcissist’s actions, the smile on my daughter every time she comes to me is worth it. Never give up.

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