How to destroy a narcissist in court and win

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A Narcissist is ruthless, relentless, heartless and unforgiving in family court.

…..to say the least.

With that being said, you are the only one that sees these traits in them.

How can you protect children from their narcissistic Father or Mother?

Playing the victim is a superpower to a Narcissist, to the point, it will drive you mad.

Frustration and anxiety in a high-conflict divorce are enough to tear your mental health into tiny pieces.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to put up with their emotional abuse.

Sharing custody with a Narcissist is a full-time job in itself as you protect your children’s well-being.

Are you going through the pain of divorcing a Narcissist in divorce court? Juggling child support and attorney fees?

You have come to the perfect place.

I have personally dealt with a narcissistic mother and her unethical lawyer in a high conflict separation for child custody.

high conflict divorce

I spent three years of a bloody battle dealing with a narcissist in family court to keep our daughter in my life.

I will show you the resources you will need to educate yourself as you go through stages of divorcing a narcissist.

It’s not easy beating a covert narcissist in court as you must avoid making the wrong move when negotiating with a narcissist.

You want to be out. And quickly.

Mistakes are costly, as you will lose everything.

Find out how I won my divorce

win your divorce

Every step is critical with a covert narcissist in a divorce Click To Tweet

Trust me, you want to avoid the terror of narcissistic rage in court as much as you can in the devil’s playground.

Unfortunately, it’s bound to happen. Make your moves wisely in your journey of learning how to make a narcissist miserable.

You might feel that being in a relationship with a Narcissist is painful, but the abusive actions that come after are much worse in divorce court.

Abusive tactics by a narcissistic spouse

  • Court Harassment
  • Parental alienation
  • Smear campaigns
  • Gaslighting
  • False allegations
  • Child Abuse

My first recommendation when you are divorcing a narcissist and are learning how to make a narcissist fear you is my favorite one.

Ann Bradley exposes corrupt judges in her own family court case, and step by step leads you to victory just as she did.

A tell-all book with exclusive information you won’t find anywhere else.

Divorcing a covert narcissist?

exposure of corrupt family court judges in a real-life court battle with Ann Bradley’s ex spouse. She wrote about every detail for you to win your case quickly too!

how to divorce a narcissist and win

destroy narcissist divorce court

What is narcissistic rage?

Narcissistic rage is an outburst of intense anger or silence. Both happen when a person with narcissistic personality disorder feels their self-esteem or self-worth is threatened or injured by another person or an event.

Kimberly Holland | Narcissistic Rage

Temper tantrums from an entitled toddler are similar to narcissistic rage in court from a spiteful parent that will use their children’s fragile heart as a weapon.

Understanding how to destroy a Narcissist in court is complex and stop the bleeding on your family is hard to do.

However, it’s not impossible to accomplish.

The pain of subtle abuse on you and your children is the reason you are here, reading my story, as I was in the same heartbreaking situation as you.

Once the pattern of this vicious cycle is exposed, you will have a better understanding of how to deal with a narcissist.

False allegations with child custody in the court system

child custody in a divorce

Dealing with a Narcissist over child custody is mentally draining for everybody that is caught in this line of fire.

Nobody believes your pleas for help as the devious tactics against you from an ex-spouse have been going on for a long time. 

You are the true victim, but a Narcissist plays that role much better than you regardless of the truth.

You only exhaust your energy as you try to expose these childish techniques while learning how to defeat a narcissist in court.

It seems that every day the crafty manipulator is one step ahead of you without even breaking a sweat.

I spent years struggling to protect our daughter from a vicious Mother that will do whatever it takes to get her narcissistic supply.

With that being said, dealing with a narcissist means my ex-spouse had a lawyer that was just as ill with mental disorders herself.

Ultimately, I protected our daughter by crushing a narcissist in court that was doing whatever it took to ruin our happiness. 

A beautiful queen that mastered the art of illusion quickly revealed a delusional and twisted human being, 

Unfortunately, this dark soul just happened to be my daughter’s own blood.

This brings me to my next resource to help you divorce your narcissist.

In order to destroy a narcissist in court, you need to break free from their toxic hold on you.

Personal freedom from a narcissist

Daniel DeVries is a subject matter expert in combatting narcissism. This book will teach you how to completely destroy and break free from the narcissist in your life by applying the 3 D’s: Detach, Dissolve, and Disconnect.

how to destroy a narcissist book

Emotional abuse from a Covert Narcissist

The agonizing pain is brought back and felt from their experiences of not being good enough to one, or in some cases, both parents

Narcissistic injury is opening that same wound again, but with the consequences coming straight to you.

With that being said, I was thrown off guard after opening a wound of past shame and ego by exposing every lie my child’s narcissistic mother had thrown at me

People with narcissistic personality disorder desire admiration from those around them, just like any of us.

Fighting for any kind of custody becomes a life or death battle against the manipulative and spiteful another side of the court. Click To Tweet

When a covert Narcissist is sensing perceived threats in any way they seem fit, this will remind them of a narcissistic wound they likely received once upon a time as a child.

To most of us, there is a huge difference between real threats vs perceived threats.

Real threats endanger our very existence, whereas perceived threats initiate unwarranted anxiety.

This pain is not caused by falling outside while playing with their friends one day in the park.

Of course, it’s also not from falling off the couch and bumping their head on the table.

You aren’t dealing with your average joe.
These mental health issues have been happening long before they met you.

narcissistic abuse has an extensive history in your ex-spouse’s family tree

expose a narcissist to others

How to expose a narcissist in a divorce

The third recommendation is one of my favorites because it will give you the knowledge of exposing a Narcissist in court safely.

Are you considering raising, or defending yourself against, legal action in the family court with a narcissistic opponent?

Is your opponent controlling, abusive, unreasonable, manipulative, vindictive and obstructive?

Can they convincingly hide these behavioural traits from the judge and other professionals involved?

Does the narcissist project this behaviour onto you, and make shocking, false allegations?

Do they attempt to embarrass you and defame your character?

How To Annihilate A Narcissist In The Family Court will give you the knowledge required, to set you on the path for a successful outcome.

It will prepare you to enter the court proceedings with your armor fully intact and with the full arsenal of ammunition required to reveal the narcissist’s true character to the judge.

A narcissist is an extremely powerful opponent, and the lengths they will go to ‘win’ in a divorce case will shock you to the core.

With the insight in this book, you will fully understand how to destroy a narcissist in court.

You will remain one step ahead. You will be in control and destroy a narcissist in court.

Outsmarting a Narcissist

Everything you need to know to infuriate your Narcissist before it happens to you. Avoid the abuse!

destroy a narcissist in court book

Journey to destroying a covert narcissist

Proving every false allegation was satisfying, but I was worn out from this soul-sucking war.

Did I mention I was exhausted? Well, all that work was pointless.

Little did I know, the battle was just starting.

I was up against a mental disorder called malicious parent syndrome, which is similar to parental alienation syndrome.

I should have kept my mouth shut.

Even worse, I thought the other lies were bad. I had no idea what was coming to me next.

I found myself fighting a battle with my ex-spouse’s mental disorders.

Unfortunately, the delusional mindset means I am the enemy. For no reason.

The plan is to end me by using our daughter as a shield and ultimately push me out of her life.

narcissistic rage personality

False allegations and restraining orders in divorce court

The petty accusations against me looked like compliments compared to the newest that was pushed for child removal over the next few months.

I was suddenly on the defense for the following:

  • Mental Stability
  • Neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Drug abuse

Not only are these just a few of the accusations during a narcissistic rage in court, every single one of these had no proof to back any of it up.

Instead, I was forced to prove none of it was true.

I had to quickly educate myself on how to deal with this demon and the abusive triangle that was suddenly formed against me.

destroy a narcissist in divorce court

How to beat a Narcissist in divorce court

Child custody in a high-conflict divorce

Dr. Childress provides a brief primer on the features of the narcissistic personality parent that impact the role of legal professionals working with children and families surrounding divorce and child custody issues.

narcissistic parent

Do not learn the hard way as I did. What happens when a narcissist loses in court all depends on which kind of narcissist they are.

Expect the worst, and expect a high conflict divorce narcissist. A covert that can manipulate judges and lawyers without breaking a sweat.

Personality disorders should be studied carefully as your mental health depends on coming out of this with minimal scars.

Luckily, I noticed the frightening narcissistic rage in court before it was too late.

If you have to step in the pit of hell than here are 8 more effective ways to fight the rage and successfully beat a narcissist in court:

1. Learn to control your emotions

  • A Narcissist knows every one of your buttons to push. Petty moves to drive you mad turns bad very quickly.
  • Losing your cool in court has extreme consequences.
  • You buy into their twisted mind game to make you look like the crazy one.
  • I have fallen into this trap personally and it is not easy to get out of.

2. Be the best-dressed person in the court-room

  • Professional at all times. Consistently.
  • False allegations will be thrown at you right away. You can prove a lot of them wrong just by simply dressing nicely as first impressions are everything..

3. Stay up to date on family law

  • If something is not in the law book but a judge says it is, how can you defend it?
  • Nothing is sweeter than surprising your ex-spouse’s lawyer with your own knowledge.
  • Play stupid and only go on offense when it’s important. These are guaranteed wins.

4. Take your time choosing a lawyer that is experienced in personality disorders

  • Always trust your gut.
  • Personality disorders are complex, you don’t want to find yourself buried alone in their manipulation.
  • A Narcissist is likely to have a lawyer that also has a narcissistic personality, so your counsel must be fully prepared.

5. Find a therapist to keep your mental health as strong as possible

  • If you don’t need a therapist, find something to keep you busy. I found the gym and library gave me a break from the madness.
  • Online therapy can save you money with quick and easy access to real professionals that can get you through narcissistic abuse.
  • A Narcissist is likely to have a lawyer that also has a narcissistic personality, so your counsel must be fully prepared.

6. Have continued support from friends and family

  • If your support is not consistent you are better off without it.
  • Be careful of, “friends” that are being manipulated against you by a Covert Narcissist.
  • Sanitize everybody in your circle you don’t need a therapist, find something to keep you busy. I found the gym and library gave me a break from the madness.

7. Document Everything

  • Subtle child abuse is common with narcissistic rage in court.
  • A Narcissist will conveniently play victim whenever exposed to their actions.
  • If abuse is apparent on the children, keep going to the hospital as this shows a pattern that is your best bet in court.
  • The children will see somebody who cares enough to help them. Minimizing mental and emotional abuse as they grow older.

8. Stay off of social media

  • Distracting and full of bad advice mixed with negative energy.
  • Fighting in divorce court for custody of your children is exhausting enough.
  • Nobody wants to hear your drama. If people haven’t dealt with narcissistic rage they won’t understand your pain.

Feeding the narcissistic rage cycle in court

Symptoms become easier to see once you understand what you are up against.

It will change the person you thought was fighting for your family

A narcissistic ex-spouse will turn suddenly, even worse than before, to a frightening monster in the blink of an eye

With that being said, the narcissistic personality within the divorce court is a nasty experience against a sneaky covert.

Adding to the devastation, narcissists never take responsibility for their rage, never apologize for let alone acknowledge their actions. Rather, they project their own irrational attacking behaviour onto the others they have traumatized, typically a scapegoated child or partner, further increasing the abused person’s trauma.

Narcissist Family Files | Narcissistic Rage

In the narcissist’s own eyes, she is always the victim, never the victimizer, and her behavior is always justified.

Narcissist family files | rage victim
divorce for women
divorce strategies geared for the ladies! Put your narcissistic husband in his place with these amazing tips

The power of covert narcissist traits can be enough to put you in depression with no signs of it pulling you down as your mental health slowly disintegrates into the size of a tiny grain of sand.

Without a doubt, manipulation and emotional abuse go unnoticed very easily.

Your attempts to prove this against a covert narcissist in divorce court will only work against you unless you build your case long term, showing their patterns.

I bet you wouldn’t have chosen a self-entitled, abusive, manipulative, lying, cheating narcissistic parent to raise a family with, right?

I also ignored way too many red flags that I was dealing with somebody that would not ever come to a reasonable agreement to benefit our child.

Obviously, if I did my research on narcissistic personality disorder, I would have known from the start that a narcissist could care less about our child.

She was only in it to use our child as a weapon to hurt me in any way possible.

Exposing the exaggerated false accusations thrown towards me only opened a deep narcissistic injury that emerged quickly by “winning” in family court

Bad idea.

The encounters of narcissistic rage can be so lethal it will ruin you.

Reading up on the proper resources on how to deal with a Narcissist is crucial for you to win against a narcissist in court.

Further causes of narcissistic rage in court

The former spouse filed for sole custody again and wanted all previous orders terminated.

At this point, I thought everyone would see the selfish acts. I was so very wrong.

The gray rock technique was overlooked as I made risky moves by going in blinded and full of emotions.

A trial date was set again so I am back on the defense as unstable, and a danger to our child.

The glorious narcissistic lawyer against me was licking her chops.

I will never forget the demonic grin across the courtroom from my former spouse.

Thankfully, I have fought against her sole custody, self-involved court stature before.

Unfortunately, a narcissistic personality disorder is not going to stop the rage after I threatened their supreme ego to expose them for who they are.

narcissistic rage in court

I had 15 Ministry of children and family development calls on me since.

Home visits and investigations were stopped after the 12th malicious call.

Unfortunately, the damage was more than enough to take a toll on me

The image is painted about me to my neighbors, and especially my daughter only made my ex-spouse smile.

Numerous false claims began to come towards me at full speed.

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Subsidy fraud
  • Income assistance fraud
  • Child neglect

False allegations during custody battles

rage from narcissistic personality disorder

Narcissistic rage ultimately made me defeat the covert narcissist in their own kingdom.


because the multiple calls to the ministry only made me stronger, and the narcissist became much weaker as she saw me take no sweat to the accusations.

If you are not faded by these cold souls, they will not be able to hide their true selves.

This is the best way to expose a narcissist for who they really are.

Coincidentally, the abuse symptoms quickly piled up on me.

A vicious cycle of abuse and I only added fuel to the fire that was burning in front of my daughter.

I almost came to my senses a little too late.

Luckily, you can destroy a narcissist quickly in your own divorce.

Everything about a covert Narcissist is sadistic.

However, I had a shine of light that perhaps there is something wrong with my ex-spouse that can’t be fixed.

I was determined to clear up these lies and focus on our child regardless of the narcissistic rage cycle of smear campaigns against me

Family court is the devil’s playground I had to play their game.

I let the narcissistic rage come at me full swing while gladly allowing social workers to actually see how I am with our daughter.

exposing a narcissist in court

It’s time for you to stop wasting time.  

Properly learning how to crush a Narcissist is crucial for surviving the lonely war

If you are divorcing a narcissist you can get help just like I did and avoid narcissistic rage.

You can be ahead of the game and learn the secrets of the corruption in family court by judges and lawyers.

Amazing feelings you will get as you learn how to destroy a narcissist in court and finally be at peace from the chaos.

Uncover the corruption in court by and the secrets to winning your divorce now!

You can find all the products mentioned below:

Divorce a Narcissist

Breaking free from Narcissist

How to destroy a narcissist in court

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Father, entrepreneur and dedicated to helping people expose their narcissists so they can become free again. Mental health is easy to lose focus on when you are being gaslighted and manipulated but help is always around the corner!

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Father, entrepreneur and dedicated to helping people expose their narcissists so they can become free again. Mental health is easy to lose focus on when you are being gaslighted and manipulated but help is always around the corner!

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