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How to crush a narcissist after narcissistic abuse

crush a narcissist
Illustrator: JH Simon
Published: December 11 2016
Narcissistic abuse, by nature, is designed to keep you trapped in shame-based vertigo. It doesn’t just go away because you know it exists. Narcissism creates a set of beliefs, behaviours and paradigms in its target which must be changed from the inside.

How to deal with Narcissists

  • Get allies: Boost self-esteem through limbic resonance
  • Give shape to your true self: Uncover disowned parts of the self and restore wholeness
  • Skill up: Empower yourself
  • Flex your muscles: Challenge the psychological cage and come out of hiding
  • Even the scale: Restore balance to your relationships
  • Boundaries: Foster a strong sense of self and firmly protect it
  • Scorched earth: Disengage from those who wish to manipulate you
  • Each practice is designed to instill you with independence, strength, emotional resilience and awareness while allowing you to cultivate balanced, loving relationships and pursue a life of passion.

Are you sick of the manipulation games? Take a second and imagine how good it would feel to crush and deal with a narcissist

you should listen right now because I am able to achieve this great feeling everyday

“How To Kill A Narcissist” is a book with two aims:

  • Reveal the rotten core of the narcissistic personality so you can see it clearly
  • Present you with an inside-out strategy for healing, recovery and freedom

You can learn how to crush a narcissist while using proper techniques so you can get back to who you were.

The art of killing a narcissist is explained thoroughly and provides the best ways to recover from narcissistic abuse.

Each practice is designed to instill you with independence, strength, emotional resilience and awareness while allowing you to cultivate balanced, loving relationships and pursue a life of passion.

This is the art of killing a narcissist.


How to crush a narcissist with their ego

how to crush a narcissist

How to make a Narcissist miserable


A person with a narcissistic personality disorder is impossible to work with and there are plenty of ways to avoid becoming victim to these poor soul-sucking monsters. Click To Tweet

Sorry, I take that back.  Calling narcissists monsters may be a little silly for me to do.

No, not because I would feel bad for name-calling people with a heart cold enough to abuse their child.

Nor is it because I should be setting an example for the person that received the most abuse, our beautiful daughter, for years of emotional abuse from her own mother.

So why is it a silly thing for me to call them for what they are?

Because calling them monsters will only add to the problem of the narcissistic person.

We will never help them, but we can stop the cycle by preventing more destruction in our own family.

With that being said, calling people anything other than what they are is counter-productive to a solution to the real needs of our daughter’s recovery. 

How do you outwit a Narcissist?

Sure, these personality disorders can make us have insane emotions.  Believe me, I have been there. 

My shoulder was soaked with our daughter’s tears one too many times. 

It is impossible to wrap our heads around the fact that narcissists, psychopaths, and even sociopaths are humans.

Just like all of us.  The only difference is that they have a mental disorder nobody wants to pay attention to.

Until they become victims of a Narcissist themselves.

However, some people live their whole life not knowing they are being abused.

That is the incredible power of a narcissist. 

Mental abuse is so subtle it will completely ruin your own ability to even think for yourself.

Think about it, a Narcissist is a master at manipulation. 

They are so good at causing narcissistic abuse without even being around you. 

They can be in your thoughts at any time.

Perhaps it has been months and you still aren’t feeling like yourself.  How can somebody have this much impact?

I struggled for years.

Who says that you can’t learn how to crush a narcissist and get revenge to outplay their game of narcissistic abuse? 

The person you are battling against is much more than crazy, and you will see this if you attempt to destroy a narcissist in court.

malicious parents

Narcissistic abuse recovery is a long road, and you should not wait any longer.


Because time is extremely important in your complex case of a bitter relationship gone wrong.

You need to understand what a Narcissist does at the end of a relationship.

A Narcissist will destroy relationships with people you love, most commonly your own children. 

Don’t wait until it is too late


What are the weaknesses of a Narcissist?

This book will teach you how to completely destroy and break free from the narcissist in your life by applying the 3 D’s: Detach, Dissolve and Disconnect

how to destroy a narcissist

Reading this incredible book also helped me as I was dealing with narcissistic rage and unforgiving malicious acts by a toxic parent.

If you know me, you know how much success I achieved to keep my daughter in my life as I fought against the chaos of narcissism.

I don’t know where I would be without this treasure that ultimately saved myself and my daughter from our real-life nightmare!

Going through a divorce?  You can expose corrupt judges and a narcissistic ex-spouse now just as I did. 

Believe me, you will feel better than you have ever felt before.

Whether it’s your ex-spouse, parent, brother, sister, boss I have the tools I wish I had a long time ago.

Gain real knowledge and avoid losing everything to a master manipulator.  It happens all the time.  

Unfortunately, narcissists are getting away with killing people mentally every day

Narcissistic abuse will put you into a depression that is next to impossible to climb out of.

There’s no empathy for them as they grab their next poor victim as you continue to get emotionally drained. 

You feel as if you are watching everybody live their life.  You just want to go back to you.

Trust me.  I get it.

Don’t think anybody is safe from a twisted personality that can ruin your life with no sweat. 

It’s time to crush and kill your narcissist with the knowledge they don’t want you to have.


Crush the mind games

Are you unhappy in your relationship, but can’t bear to pull yourself away from it? Do you feel inadequate and sometimes deserving of the treatment you get?

Recognize that your partner is your manipulator and abuser – don’t allow them to force the upper hand.

crush narcissism book

narcissistic abuse recovery

Gain your knowledge and build your positive mental health with real health professionals in your own home now!

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