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Dealing with a narcissistic ex-spouse’s abuse

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Michael Sunset gives his own explanation of narcissistic abuse from his personal experience of dealing with manipulation caused from narcissistic personality disorder.  The intensity and honesty will blow your mind as you witness what really happens in family court.


Narcissistic traits in a divorce

Michael Sunset shows his intense battle dealing with manipulation from his ex-wife and even most of his family in a spoken true from the heart tell-all book

Dealing with a narcissistic ex-spouse's abuse

Dealing with a narcissistic ex-spouse's abuse
abuse from a covert narcissist mother can make you physically and emotionally ill

Gaslighting abuse with narcissistic personality disorder

The aftermath of divorcing a woman is not always the topic of conversation. It always seems to be a burden on the man for not choosing the right person.

With that being said, throw a narcissistic personality disorder in the mix and everything goes south. And there isn’t much help. Or there aren’t enough men speaking out on it.


Because we are afraid. Even with being frightened to ruin our big ego, we are also confused as to what the hell is going on. Gaslighting is a common tactic used in a custody battle when divorcing a narcissistic woman.

This is why I decided to do a book review of Michael Sunset: Mind is a terrible thing to manipulate. He sent me an email and asked me to read his new ebook and was looking for any way that he can help on this subject that he went through.

After reading his book on narcissistic abuse, it brought back memories of things that I had somehow forgotten, or chose to, on how sadistic women can be.

For the person trying to control the partner through psychological tricks, the goal is often to make that partner feel completely dependent. By instigating this deep self-doubt and playing the role of the only one who knows what’s right, abusers can wear down their partners and gain control.

Michael Sunset reveals how he was made to believe he was the crazy one. Without a doubt. How is this possible since he hasn’t always thought this way?

Narcissistic personality disorder could’ve been in his own family and they have been rooting against him the whole time.

Or a narcissistic ex-spouse was cunning enough to turn his own family against him. Either one is very likely, and the author shows exactly how to protect your mental health.

It’s shocking that
you go somewhere for help and get psychologically and emotionally
messed with.

Michael Sunset – A Mind is a terrible thing to manipulate


Narcissistic ex wife and parental alienation

Michael Sunset goes into showing how to properly protect your mental health when you are faced in a courtroom.

Having a lot of relation to this, we both made a couple of wrong mistakes we were lucky enough to fix to keep our relationship with our children.

There are many men out there that not only have the disadvantage of the court system against them, they also don’t have the resources to keep the fight moving.

Ignoring a narcissist ex isn’t always the best thing to do, as this will only play into a covert narcissist mother’s sick game of playing keep-away with the children.

Narcissistic abuse in a marriage is very common, and it is not always the case of a split up.

Narcissists have adapted to stay with the partner, and gain their narcissistic supply strictly from cheating and/or abusive behaviour that seems to be innocent to a normal onlooker and the victim themselves.

High conflict lawyers love these situations, as they will push you to get what you deserve. However, they are only doing their job:

creating a parent vs parent fight that creates child abuse and family violence for generations to follow.

Children will be trained to go against the alienated parent and with parenting days being limited, it is very hard to reverse once this is drilled into their head.

How can you get mad at the child? very easily. You will start a war on the child to “get back” at the Mother, but you are only creating a bigger gap between your relationship.

Children do not understand the war. Your best bet is to show exactly what you are not. They only need one stable parent, so let it be you.

What we see in the court system now are mental disorders that nobody wants to actually handle.

covert mother
child abuse from a covert narcissist mother using neglect as a form of discipline if children don’t listen to malicious actions against the other parent

Family Therapy and Co Parenting with a Narcissist

narcissistic abuse book
narcissistic triangulation with an ex spouse

“They won’t face you one on one with a Therapist. They either have to bring other people in, which is called triangulation, or use the Therapist to abuse you, which is also an example of triangulation.”

Michael Sunset

In conclusion, my favourite part of this book is the honesty of how therapy is not going to help you when dealing with a narcissist ex.

There isn’t a lot of people that will admit this.


Because it’s easier to tell somebody to just go get therapy when you don’t know how complex it really is when you are faced with mental disorders.

In my own fight to deal with a covert narcissist mother of our daughter, I was also recommended to see a Therapist who immediately fell for the charm and mask of a Narcissist.

I fully agree that it is not the route to go, and learning how to do the “Share Nothing Plan” is what will give you success with keeping your mental health sound.

I highly recommend this book to anybody dealing with an impossible ex spouse. My only complaint on the ebook is that it is directed towards men, more than women.

However, given the context of how it is written, it can also be used for a covert mother or Father. You can see how to deal with a narcissistic husband for more information.


Beat the narcissistic abuse

Gain your freedom back and get back to yourself now!

Dealing with a narcissistic ex-spouse's abuse

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