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Were you raised by narcissists?

Trauma from narcissistic parents continues far down the family tree.

Luckily, you have a chance to stop it for all generations after you.

The skills to break free from a lifetime of abuse is written perfectly in this raised by narcissist’s book.

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The effects of being raised by narcissists

It can take a long time to realize you even had an abusive childhood.

Some people live their whole life and never come to terms with the fact they have had narcissistic parents.

Perhaps you are reading this now, thirty years later and realizing how different your childhood was from others.

Everything you did became micromanaged.

Emotional abuse was seen as normal to you and just a way of parenting. 

Besides, you deserved it.  You misbehaved and neglect was your punishment.

All of this is extremely damaging to a child and even worse as you now struggle to grow your independence as an adult.

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Life-changing raised by narcissists book

Shahida Arabi is brilliant in her creative ways of showing how much narcissistic abusive parents can destroy your chance at adulthood.

Pinpointing the toxic behaviours of narcissistic parents, she shows in a picture-perfect way of how to heal from childhood trauma.

Are you ending up in abusive relationships over and over again?

Are you seeing people around you flourish with confidence, yet you struggle to make it out the door each morning?

Even if you are unsure if you had a narcissistic abusive childhood, healing adult children of narcissists will uncover a deep childhood that you have kept hidden away.

For the people that knew of the manipulation and abuse, this book is even for you.

Stop trying to “toughen” it out and start to find out who you really are.

I am a survivor myself, and the essential tools that are given in this treasure are absolutely priceless.

Break the chain of being raised by narcissists and their toxic manipulation so you can live to the best of your ability again.

Ultimately, you are paving an amazing road for you to feel brand new.  At the same time, breaking the cycle of family violence for every generation after you. 

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