How to get revenge on a narcissistic sociopath

Outsmarting a sociopath is either the greatest thing you will do… or the worst decision you will make when attempting to look at how to get revenge on a narcissistic sociopath.

Luckily, Dr. Martha Stout has amazing techniques that teach you how to get the knowledge to make your mission successful.

How do you get revenge on a narcissistic sociopath?

It’s a scary thing to ask, why would you ever want to get revenge on somebody?  Just get over it.  Right?

Blah blah, that’s what I say.  You know why?

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I found myself obsessing over the fact that I will get revenge, I didn’t care what anybody said. 

You probably feel the same way.

Outsmarting a narcissistic sociopath changed my life. 

After reading the same articles on narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths they all said the same thing and I just could not relate. 

Just go no contact

When contact is necessary with narcissism

Unfortunately, my child’s mother would only continue to abuse our child if I just walked away from her destructive rage.  

What if you have a boss that is showing this type of behavior?  Perhaps it is even your own child that is the cause of the chaos you want to stop in your life. 

Nevertheless, you are in the right place for the honest, and only place to get your life back.

No contact doesn’t always work.  In fact, it can create more of a problem rather than a solution.

Empathy is the reason you are where you are, and it has to keep you strong through the process.

It is a much more complex situation and the simple answer of walking away from danger is just not going to cut it. 

That’s when Dr. Martha Stout’s book came into my life.

Get revenge on a narcissistic sociopath now!

Through her own situations, with letters that she received from her own nightmare, she explains concrete guidelines to protect yourself from narcissistic abuse and even physical harm.  

With that being said, our daughter and I definitely got our revenge.  The mind games and manipulations are over.

You will feel great that you can finally understand every move that these people will use on you to drive you nuts. 

The emotional abuse is real.  Scars cut deep.

Only you can help you. 

The unfortunate thing is how lonely this experience is, but I can tell you from the bottom of my heart how grateful I am to have found such a treasure.

Be sure to make sure you are actually dealing with a narcissistic sociopath because they are nothing to take lightly.

Needless to say, I highly recommend reading this gem because only then you will be confident and able to handle the frightening manipulation.

You will know very quickly what you are up against. 

In my case, I found out in the middle of a high-conflict court battle. 

However, knowledge proved to overcome a nightmare as I destroyed a narcissist in court

I highly suggest you get your revenge and life back together with the only truthful resource out there.

Don’t waste your time on anything else.  I wasted unnecessary time and money on completely nothing.

Outsmart your sociopath and get your cold revenge on these people now!

Get revenge on a narcissistic sociopath now!

Dr. Martha has another release for a new book coming out soon as well called, “Outsmarting the sociopath” and I can only imagine how great it will be.


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Father, entrepreneur and dedicated to helping people expose their narcissists so they can become free again. Mental health is easy to lose focus on when you are being gaslighted and manipulated but help is always around the corner!

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